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Return to Work Guidelines

These guidelines are general in nature and intended to provide a basic framework to help you through the RTW process.

• Specific legal obligations are set out by the employment, human rights, health and safety, and workers’ compensation legislation that apply to your organization: provincial, territorial, or federal, as the case may be. It is important that the employer understand and adhere to the correct legislative requirements.
• The sample forms provided here are the basics. External bodies involved with an employee’s injury/illness, for example, disability insurance companies and workers’ compensation boards, will have their own specific forms that must be completed.
• Please refer to your health and safety policies / legislation regarding additional specific obligations in the case of work-related injuries/illness.
• Each RTW situation is unique and needs to be assessed on the specific circumstances.
• If in doubt at any time, you are strongly encouraged to speak with an HR professional and/or employment lawyer.