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Recruiting Guide and Tools

Recruitment is the first step to the employment relationship and the hiring decision is one of the most important decisions that an organization makes.  Your recruitment process is also strong reflection of your culture and the value you place on employees and your brand and culture will shine through, for better or for worse, at each step in the recruitment process

Getting the right person into the right job correctly is critical.  To do this requires planning, preparation, and a disciplined approach from start to finish to avoid expensive risks and liability.

Note:  these guidelines are general in nature to help you through the process. The specific legal obligations are set out by the employment legislation that applies to your organization: provincial, territorial, or federal, as the case may be.  Part of the preparation is ensuring that you understand and adhere to the correct legislative requirements for recruitment and selection.  If in doubt at any time, you are strongly encouraged to speak with an HR professional and/or employment lawyer.